TEKKEN 8 Finally Has the OG Fighter Who Was Always Popular Among Noob Players


With a base roster of 32 fighters, TEKKEN 8 has surpassed Mortal Kombat 1 and Avenue Fighter 6, because it has earned the crown of being the best preventing recreation of the present technology due to its comparatively non-greedy practices. The place MK1 and SF6 had 22 and 18 characters of their base rosters, respectively, with the remainder of the fighters locked behind paid DLC, the most recent installment within the TEKKEN franchise ensured that it handled its followers with as many iconic faces as potential.

Nonetheless, there was a void within the absence of 1 OG fighter who, ever since his debut in 1997’s TEKKEN 3, remained a fan-favorite character in each recreation that adopted.

Eddy Gordo Enters the TEKKEN 8 Roster in Model

The Indomitable Flash, Eddy Gordo, has finally arrived in TEKKEN 8.
The Indomitable Flash, Eddy Gordo, has arrived in TEKKEN 8.

Though Eddy Gordo will make his TEKKEN 8 debut for all gamers on April 4, avid gamers who purchased the Deluxe or Final Version obtained to pick the Brazilian fighter from April 1 onwards. Bandai Namco has given the enduring character a brand new look, as he seems more energizing than ever, however Eddy mains might be happy to know that his signature talents have been included and he performs equally to his earlier TEKKEN appearances.

Unleashing his Capoeira on opponents, Eddy Gordo’s kicks have all the time been a few of the most overpowered strikes within the video games, making him a well-liked fighter among the many noobs, and it doesn’t seem to be the builders have performed something to nerf him.

Described because the Indomitable Flash, Eddy Gordo seeks redemption in TEKKEN 8, as he tries to take revenge towards the antagonist, Kazuya Mishima. His rage artwork can be distinctive however amazingly becoming, as he says “time to make it depend” and transports the opponent into an ancestral aircraft, the place his ancestors are enjoying cultural devices, earlier than he kicks all life out of the enemy.

Gordo followers may also respect the inclusion of his TEKKEN 7 outfit, which comes with three different default costumes.

Gordo Has Particular Interactions With Numerous Characters

Gordo has returned to kick all life out of his opponents.Gordo has returned to kick all life out of his opponents.
Gordo has returned to kick all life out of his opponents.

Just like how every fighter on the TEKKEN 8 roster has particular interactions with different characters, Eddy Gordo has a set of his personal, essentially the most notable being the one with the beautiful murderer Nina Williams. Eddy and Nina have a shared historical past with the Mishima Zaibatsu, and through their particular intro, the latter tells him that “it’s recreation over for you,” as she proceeds to shoot him along with her gun.

Eddy dodges the shot, runs in the direction of Nina, and tries to kick her within the face however misses by an inch, prompting him to say, “Appears such as you’re as cruel as ever.”

Apart from Williams, Eddy additionally has particular interactions with Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and Hwoarang because of completely different causes. Kazama apologizes to Gordo for his actions up to now; Mishima tries to make sure that Eddy is unable to get his revenge; and Hwoarang simply brags about his superior kicks.

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