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  • Jimmy Stewart and his horse co-star Pie had a rare bond on and off-screen, solidifying them as one of the crucial legendary human-animal partnerships in Hollywood.
  • Horses on movie units have had each tragic and comedic moments, however efforts from organizations just like the American Humane Affiliation have improved their therapy.
  • Pie’s legacy goes past being Stewart’s co-star, highlighting the flexibility and brilliance of animal actors and the profound connection between people and animals.

Too usually, human actors bask within the highlight, overshadowing the captivating animal performers who breathe life into numerous movies. Hollywood brims with thrilling tales of actors and their equine co-stars, like John Wayne‘s beloved companion Dollor, Gene Autry‘s trusty Champion, and the legendary Rex the Wonder Horse, silent movie star of the Twenties and ’30s. These enduring partnerships delivered iconic performances that proceed to mesmerize audiences. One such collaboration shines exceptionally brightly: Jimmy Stewart and Pie, the horse who shared the silver display screen 17 occasions alongside the Hollywood stalwart. Their on-screen chemistry, although much less examined, was plain, and their off-screen bond was even deeper. They shared a particular language, a connection that transcended possession regardless of Stewart’s many failed makes an attempt to purchase Pie. This legendary friendship stands as a testomony to the profound bond that may develop between people and animals.

The Cheyenne Social Membership

An ageing cowboy finds to his embarrassment that the profitable enterprise he has inherited from his brother is definitely a home of prostitution.

Launch Date
June 12, 1970

Gene Kelly

James Stewart , Henry Fonda , Shirley Jones , Sue Ane Langdon , Elaine Devry , Robert Middleton

103 minutes

Major Style

Jimmy Stewart and Pie Had a Outstanding Relationship

Throughout Jimmy Stewart’s sturdy profession, he turned an iconic face within the Western style, identified for classics corresponding to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Bend of the River. Out of all of the Westerns he appeared in, a exceptional 17 featured him using the identical trusty steed: Pie. As reported by NPR, in a podcast that includes former Hollywood story editor Petrine Day Mitchum, who can also be the creator of Hollywood Hoofbeats, a e-book about horses in films and tv, Stewart and Pie’s relationship on and off-screen was the stuff of legendary folklore. In accordance with Tom Hanks’ interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the place the enduring actor discusses his first Western film Information of the World, Stewart’s regard for Pie was so excessive that his solely piece of film memorabilia in his home was a painting of Pie, gifted to him by Henry Fonda. Hanks, who had visited Stewart in his last years and had a tour of the legendary actor’s home, mentioned that Stewart’s co-star in 17 films died every week after Fonda gifted Stewart the portray.

According to Scott Eyman, creator of Hank and Jim: The Fifty-Yr Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart, in the course of the making of the hilarious Western comedy The Cheyenne Social Club in 1970, the then aged Pie wasn’t feeling nicely and would typically be taken off the shoot for medical causes. On the time, Stewart’s son had additionally simply died in the course of the Vietnam Conflict, inflicting Stewart much more grief. Fonda, who was a gifted painter, used among the time Pie was on a break to do an oil portray of him. After the filming of The Cheyenne Social Membership, Fonda offered Pie’s oil portray, to Stewart’s amazement.


Jimmy Stewart Sheds His Western Persona for This Groundbreaking Legal Drama

Stewart performs a lawyer on the hunt for a problem, not justice.

In contrast to the bitter ending of Jimmy Stewart and Anthony Mann‘s skilled partnership, Stewart and Pie’s bond remained sturdy till the very finish. As per NPR, in the course of the trio’s collaboration on The Far Nation, a scene required Pie to stroll alone on the street for an extended shot that was being dolly-filmed. Seemingly unattainable, Mann requested Stewart if Pie may deal with it. In accordance with NPR’s archived recording of Stewart himself, Stewart shared: “I mentioned, ‘Pie,’ (laughter) ‘now, that is powerful since you’re a horse. However you must stroll straight down there, and I am not going to be on you, you see.'” As NPR’s archived recording reveals, after this seemingly lengthy chat, to everybody’s shock, Pie did precisely as instructed. “I liked him. I liked the horse,” Stewart merely mentioned. Though it is just a written transcription, you’ll be able to hear his voice and really feel his soul in these phrases. As per Eyman, Pie’s portray is beneath Stewart’s son Michael Stewart‘s care, with an illuminating gentle that by no means goes off.

Pie Had Damaged a Few Actors’ Hearts Earlier than Assembly Jimmy Stewart

According to Steve Hulett, former Disney Animation author and creator of Mouse in Orbit, Stewart’s Pie wasn’t for everybody. War hero Audie Murphy and actors Glenn Ford and Kirk Douglas, amongst others, rode Pie, with some discovering themselves in precarious conditions with the equine. Glenn Ford, significantly, had an unforgettable encounter with Pie’s rage. Hulett quotes Stewart, “I noticed [Pie] once I began making Westerns. Audie Murphy rode him a few occasions. He almost killed Glenn Ford, ran proper right into a tree… However I appreciated this darned little horse. He was just a little bit small, just a little quarter horse and Arabian. I acquired to know him like a pal.” Stewart and Pie’s bond was speedy, a love story on and off-screen. Pie, the horse who nearly unseated different main males, turned Stewart’s loyal companion, additional solidifying the appeal that captivated each movie audiences and President Truman, who once declared, “If Bess and I had a son, we might need him to be identical to Jimmy Stewart.”

As per NPR, Pie belonged to a lady named Stevie Myers, who rented him out to varied Hollywood purchasers. Certainly one of her most loyal clients was Jimmy Stewart. Although Stewart grew so keen on Pie that he needed to purchase him, Stevie would not promote. Nonetheless, this did not diminish Stewart’s love for the steed. Their bond continued all through Pie’s life, creating shared recollections that, like Fonda’s portray, proceed to light up our screens. When Pie handed away, Stewart’s attachment to him was so profound that he buried the horse in a secret grave within the San Fernando Valley. Stewart and Pie’s relationship transcended the everyday human-animal bond; it was a love story that lasted a lifetime, leaving an everlasting legacy.

Horses Have Had Tragic Moments on Movie Units

With the majestic scenes that horses like Pie create, not all has all the time been rosy behind the scenes for the equines. Some filmmakers employed barbaric strategies for cinematic falls. Journey wires snapping beneath hooves and hidden pits swallowing unsuspecting steeds have been a few of these strategies. As per NPR, one disheartening story that modified this concerned Errol Flynn in the course of the filming of Cost of the Mild Brigade. Flynn’s outcry spurred change, bringing the American Humane Affiliation onto units and ushering within the artwork of the educated fall, which was an enchancment in horses’ performing work setting and a reprieve for co-stars like Pie.

Although usually relegated to the function of supporting participant, Pie’s legacy extends far past being Stewart’s loyal steed. His presence elevated countless Westerns, his intelligence and flexibility permitting him to seamlessly transition between genres, from the comedic heights of The Cheyenne Social Membership to the dramatic intensity of Winchester ’73. Pie’s profession stands as a testomony to the flexibility and brilliance of animal actors. Past the silver display screen, Jimmy Stewart and Pie’s partnership transcends mere film magic. It signifies the profound connection doable between people and animals, a bond constructed on belief, respect, and shared experiences. Their story gives a heartwarming reminder that typically, probably the most fascinating scenes unfold not in scripted dialogue, however within the quiet moments of companionship. Pie, like his co-star Jimmy Stewart, is a real legend of cinema who deserves his flowers.

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