The Legend of Korra Sequel Will Introduce an Even Scarier Version of Earthbending (Theory)

Avatar: The Final Airbender goes to see a big inflow of content material as Paramount, underneath the banner of Avatar Studios, gears as much as increase the universe to make it into an IP on par with Star Wars and Harry Potter. Whereas the subsequent entry within the franchise goes to be an grownup Gaang movie in 2025, the studio can be eyeing to launch a 3rd animated sequence within the franchise, one that may comply with the Earth Avatar, who will take over because the bridge between the spirit and the mortal realm from their predecessor Korra.

Avatar Studios
Avatar Studios

The Legend of Korra, the sequel to The Final Airbender, was in a position to increase on the ideas that had been launched within the authentic animated sequence, and it’s potential that the sequence that may comply with the Earth Avatar will additional increase what has been launched on the planet of Avatar. One idea means that a capability could possibly be explored within the reign of the Earth Avatar, one that may put them on the identical stage of lethality as Water Benders.

The third Avatar sequence may introduce bonebending into the franchise

Earthbending, as depicted in Avatar: The Last AirbnderEarthbending, as depicted in Avatar: The Last Airbnder
Earthbending, as depicted in Avatar: The Final Airbender

The world of Avatar in it a magic system that based mostly itself on the 4 classical components. Nevertheless, the present quickly expanded into sub-bending talents, the type that made their wielders extraordinarily harmful opponents. Bloodbending was one such skill that was launched on the present, which made water benders deadly assassins who may kill an opponent in the event that they wished.

Equally, a idea means that the Earthbenders might finally get their lethal ability, which might put them in the identical weight class as Waterbenders. Provided that bones have sure pure components in them which might be additionally current within the crust of the earth, the Earth Avatar may introduce this sort of bending into the world.

A number of time can have allegedly handed between Korra and the Earth Avatar

The Legend of KorraThe Legend of Korra
The Legend of Korra

The Earth Avatar show will allegedly happen 100 years after the occasions of the Legend of Korra, which could present us a world that’s way more developed than what we are saying within the sequel sequence. The vibe of the time interval during which Legend of Korra was set was that of Nineteen Twenties Shanghai and Manhattan, which could put the time interval of the story nearer to the trendy world than ever.

With bending, in fact, the world of Avatar would have developed barely in a different way than the actual world. Supplied there aren’t any main cataclysms within the tenure of Korra because the Avatar, the Earth Avatar could be working in an industrial and fashionable world, one that’s maybe much less spiritually attuned than the world that was inherited by their predecessors.

This might end in audiences being thrust into a really completely different world, which might be a novel expertise for previous and new followers of the franchise alike. Info on the Earth Avatar is likely to be scarce now, however audiences can anticipate a slew of it within the close to future, because the present stays in energetic growth.

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