The Wildest One Piece Theory Claims Luffy Really Isn’t Joyboy

The One Piece world has launched many such points within the story that to this present day are thought of a thriller. Be it the origin of Joyboy or the identification of Imu, One Piece mysteries have been creating for much too lengthy and followers now solely wish to know the solutions to those mysteries which have been unsolved for nearly 30 years.

The Five Elders in One Piece
The 5 Elders in One Piece

Because the story of One Piece entered the ultimate saga, followers anticipated that the collection may begin unraveling some mysteries which have been seen within the story and certainly that’s what Eiichiro Oda did. He began fixing the mysteries, ranging from the 5 Elders. The current chapters revealed the powers and skills of the Gorosei.

Nevertheless, in response to one idea, the ability of the 5 Elders will not be the results of the Satan Fruits, as an alternative, it’s one thing else totally. This idea additionally proved that Luffy isn’t actually Joyboy, and the drums of liberation that Zunesha heard through the Onigashima battle had been one thing else totally.

One Piece Idea Claims The 5 Elders Are Not Satan Fruit Customers

Whereas the powers of the 5 Elders have been revealed within the current chapters of the Egghead Island arc of One Piece, their origins, and the complete extent have but to be mentioned within the story. The overall thought amongst followers is that their powers are the results of mythical zoan Devil Fruits which might be an excessive rarity in One Piece.

Nevertheless, in response to one idea posted by @GoochLord2217 on OPFanpage, the 5 Elders aren’t Zoan Satan Fruit customers, as an alternative they’re the devils who as soon as killed take the type of Fruits and discover one other vessel to restart their lives. The type of the 5 Elders that’s proven through the Egghead arc is definitely their true type.

gorosei devil fruit forms in one piecegorosei devil fruit forms in one piece
Gorosei Satan Fruit kinds

For the reason that 5 Elders have by no means died, they’ve by no means taken one other type and have been staying within the authentic type of the Gorosei for the reason that starting of the storyline of One Piece. The speculation additionally claims that Joyboy was additionally not a Satan Fruit person however one thing just like the 5 Elders.

Idea Claims Zunesha Heard The Drums of Liberation For a Completely different Purpose

In accordance with the idea, similar to the 5 Elders, Joyboy was additionally not a Satan Fruit person however as an alternative a creature who received killed by the 5 Elders and later manifested because the Satan Fruit as a result of the folks received bored with struggling the wrath of the World Authorities and wished for his return in order that he can save them.

Monkey D. Luffy transforming in Gear 5Monkey D. Luffy transforming in Gear 5
Monkey D. Luffy reworking to Gear 5

This Satan Fruit which initially was Joyboy was eaten by Luffy, thus granting him the powers of Joyboy and serving to him save the world from the torture of Imu, the 5 Elders, and The World Authorities. The speculation additionally claims that when Zunesha heard the Drums of Liberation, they weren’t from Luffy’s heartbeat however from the powers of the Joyboy Satan Fruit.

This Satan Fruit manifesting and being eaten by Luffy doesn’t actually make him Joyboy. Nevertheless, the idea doesn’t have any strong proof and sounds too weird to be true. All of those mysteries are quickly going to be found because the Egghead arc goes to finish quickly and One Piece goes to maneuver on to the subsequent section of the Closing Saga.

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