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  • About Time makes use of time journey to inform a profound story of self-improvement.
  • The movie examines the problem of constructing the proper selections, even with the power to reverse penalties.
  • Rachel McAdams shines in her position, showcasing her evolution as a performer in a heartwarming and humorous love story.

Time journey is an inherently difficult idea to convey in any medium, because it’s onerous for a narrative to ascertain a agency algorithm which are logically satisfying. Whereas time travel itself is an interesting concept, it might probably usually be used as a crutch to tie collectively unrelated plot factors or make a radical shift in setting. Rachel McAdams oddly has extra expertise with time journey than most performers of her technology, as she appeared in time-bending initiatives like The Time Traveler’s Spouse, Midnight in Paris, and Physician Unusual. Nevertheless, the 2013 science fiction romance About Time makes use of time journey to inform a profound story of self-improvement and serves as McAdams’ greatest entry into the style.

About Time

On the age of 21, Tim discovers he can journey in time and alter what occurs and has occurred in his personal life. His resolution to make his world a greater place by getting a girlfriend seems to not be as simple as you would possibly suppose.

Launch Date
September 4, 2013

Richard Curtis


Principal Style

What Is ‘About Time’ About?

About Time follows the younger bachelor Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), who lives in Cornwall, England together with his sister Katherine (Lydia Wilson), his mom Mary (Lindsay Duncan), and his father James (Invoice Nighy). As Tim prepares to maneuver ahead on a path of independence, his father takes him apart to disclose to him a secret: he has the ability to journey again in time and relive key recollections. The context of time journey as a household secret makes About Time a extra attention-grabbing spin on the idea, because the stakes are solely private. Reasonably than using time travel as the inciting incident of a conflict, About Time examines the thought of various lived experiences. The stress of the story revolves solely round whether or not Tim will be capable of discover his “good” life someplace throughout the multitude of prospects that he has at his disposal.

Tim is a good protagonist as a result of he immediately takes his father’s words to heart; as a substitute of utilizing time journey to amass fame or fortune, he decides to make use of his distinctive present to turn into the most effective model of himself doable. About Time examines how difficult it may be to make the proper selections, even when the results could be reversed. Tim approaches happiness like a puzzle that he wants to unravel as a substitute of merely having fun with the moments he has at his disposal. Whereas Gleeson’s performance is quite captivating, the movie reveals that Tim has not but given himself the liberty to stay out every of his potential paths to their fullest potential. He’s been so hyper-focused on “getting it proper” that he’s ignored the chances that errors could lead him to.


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“I’ll present you an important factor that any dwelling organism has ever witnessed.”

Whereas filmmaker Richard Curtis has been criticized for the schmaltzy tone he brought to films like Love Actually and Notting Hill, About Time is as genuinely humorous as it’s honest. The movie’s portrayal of relationships, household disagreements, and the existentialism of youth really feel so genuine that it’s simple to overlook that the story is grounded in science fiction. On this sense, About Time examines how an “bizarre” individual like Tim can lead a unprecedented life. Whereas he doesn’t use his present to make nice travels or make important breakthroughs, the present of time permits him to rejoice the issues which are in entrance of him. It’s fairly profound to see how even probably the most seemingly inessential moments in his life turn into cherished recollections that he can relive.

Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams Have Nice Chemistry in ‘About Time’

Whereas Tim makes use of his talents to check out completely different prospects inside his future, he finds what he was looking for when he meets the American immigrant Mary (Rachel McAdams). McAdams inserts a burst of charismatic vitality that transforms About Time from a unusual comedy into an endearing love story. It instantly turns into clear to Tim that he doesn’t want time journey to know that Mary is “the one.” This makes for an efficient change in his motivation for the remainder of the movie; as a substitute of looking for the individual he needs to spend the remainder of his life with, Tim needs to guard the valuable moments that he has with Mary. In contrast to other romantic comedies, About Time reveals that happiness isn’t immediately tied to reminiscence; though Mary gained’t keep in mind the choice routes that their relationship may have gone, Tim thinks that making her joyful is fulfilling in its personal proper.

McAdams is given one in every of her most difficult roles, as Mary lacks any information of Tim’s powers for a lot of the story. Whereas Tim can go into every interplay with preordained foresight into how she could react, Mary basically returns to the established order each time that their relationship is reset. McAdams’ performance is perfect as a result of she retains the identical delicate, empathetic nature inside every divergent timeline. Whereas Tim could say the improper factor or screw up an enormous second at some factors, she offers him the identical love and forgiveness. Seeing the consistency of integrity Mary has inside completely different variations of actuality enforces why Tim is so determined to provide her the life that she deserves.

Why ‘About Time’ Is the Better of Rachel McAdams’ Time Journey Films

About Time is the right use of Rachel McAdams, because it permits her to showcase an earnest, life like character who simply so occurs to be thrust in a science fiction situation. Comparatively, McAdams’ different time-travel roles didn’t stay as much as these expectations. The Time Traveler’s Spouse grounded her in a boring melodrama, Doctor Strange did not involve her immediately within the story’s climax, and Midnight in Paris noticed her solid in opposition to kind as an aggressive, nasty character. The brilliance of About Time is that it is a story about human relationships first, and a time journey journey second.

About Time highlights McAdams’ evolution as a performer, as she has definitely appeared in many various subgenres of comedy. Whereas she earned her breakout role as Regina George in Mean Girls, McAdams has gone on to play extra mature comedic leads in movies like Sport Evening and Eurovision Tune Contest: The Story of Hearth Saga that put a higher emphasis on their romantic parts. About Time embodies this shift in her profession, because it’s the type of heartwarming story that may evoke each laughter and tears from its viewers.

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