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  • “All Hell Breaks Unfastened” is a two-part Season 2 finale of Supernatural that wraps up the complete plot line neatly and looks like an intense, apocalyptic thriller.
  • The episode focuses on excessive stakes, because the world may go up in flames if the Winchester brothers do not cease the demonic military from being unleashed.
  • The 2-part narrative showcases a reversal of roles for Sam and Dean, with Sam taking up a management function and thriving with out Dean, whereas Dean struggles to search out his id with out his brother.

It has been just a few years since Supernatural concluded again in 2020. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles performed Sam and Dean Winchester faithfully for 15 seasons, casually saving the world and searching evil alongside the best way. This journey took the monster-hunting brothers all across America to take down ghosts, demons, witches, and, nicely, you identify it, they’ve most likely killed it. However throughout Supernatural‘s plethora of seasons, there was just one finale that warranted a two-part growth, unable to be contained right into a single 40-minute episode. This Season 2 finale stood tall as a two-hour apocalyptic blockbuster that basically ended the collection, solely to rebirth it anew. If you have not guessed already, we’re speaking about “All Hell Breaks Unfastened,” an apt title for what may simply have been Supernatural‘s finish.


Two brothers comply with their father’s footsteps as hunters, combating evil supernatural beings of many sorts, together with monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

Launch Date
September 13, 2005

Eric Kripke


What Occurs in ‘Supernatural’s “All Hell Breaks Unfastened?”

After a season of grieving their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who died in Dean’s place after making a cope with the Yellow-Eyed Demon (usually performed by Fredric Lehne), paired with two years searching the identical creature that killed their mom and Sam’s school girlfriend, Sam and Dean have been via rather a lot. They’ve met different hunters with connections to their father’s previous, found Sam’s demonic psychic skills, and are slowly realizing that the Demon’s plan is far larger than they initially gave it credit score for. All of this involves a head right here on the finish of Season 2.

“Half 1” begins with Sam being kidnapped and waking up in a ghost city known as Chilly Oak, South Dakota, the place he discovers that he is not the one one of many demon’s Particular Kids there. Others are with him (albeit every with their very own particular skills), however most notably Ava Wilson (Katharine Isabelle), whom the brothers met earlier that season, and newcomer Jake Talley (Aldis Hodge), a U.S. soldier with super-strength. After being hunted by a demonic little lady, the survivors uncover that Ava has been selecting them off one after the other, ready for her time to strike Sam down and take her place on the Demon’s proper hand. In the meantime, Dean and Bobby (Jim Beaver) seek for Sam, solely to reach too late. The primary half ends in a brawl between Sam and Jake, who every have been visited by the Demon who claims that solely considered one of them will stroll out alive.

Although it seems to be as if Sam has at first supernaturally overpowered Jake, the soldier kills the younger Winchester simply as Dean and Bobby arrive. In “Half 2,” Dean makes a cope with a Crossroads Demon (Ona Grauer) to resurrect Sam, which leaves him with just one 12 months to stay. Having situated previous Yellow-Eyes in Wyoming, the Winchesters, Bobby, and Ellen Harvelle (Samantha Ferris) get there too late to cease Jake from opening a Satan’s Gate to Hell. Although they shut the Gate, it is not earlier than Sam and Dean confront the Yellow-Eyed Demon, and, with the assistance of the ghost of their father (who actually climbed out of Hell for his boys), kill him with the demon-killing Colt. After making peace with their father, the boys hit the highway once more, now able to tackle all of the evil spirits they could not cease from getting out.

‘Supernatural’s Two-Half Story Is Essential

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural
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If this two-part episode feels extra like a Supernatural film, that is as a result of it mainly is. After two years of searching collectively and combating for his or her father, the one means this leg of the present may’ve ended was with a two-hour sendoff. The reality is, in some ways, these episodes mark the tip of an period. By the following season, the present grew to become extra serialized and launched new solid members to complement our favourite Winchesters. Characters like Ruby (Katie Cassidy; Genevieve Padalecki), Castiel (Misha Collins), Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard), and Jack (Alexander Calvert) have been collection regulars throughout their respective tenures, that means that Supernatural grew to become extra than simply the Sam and Dean present.


‘Supernatural’s Most Messed Up Episode Is Body Horror at Its Finest

Maintain on to your eyeballs (and your lunch).

However not right here. With “All Hell Breaks Unfastened,” the solid and crew composed a spectacular symphony of thrills and chills that wrapped up the collection’ total plotline (thus far) neatly with a bow. Certain, there have been nonetheless some free ends (Dean’s year-to-live being the most important), however the Winchesters’ long-time-coming revenge on the demon later recognized as Azazel, their last moments with their father, and the self-sacrificial nature of their relationship all come to a head right here. Nearly each query we would requested for the reason that “Pilot” is answered, and whereas the present would later reveal that Azazel was solely working on behalf of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) to arrange Sam for the Apocalypse, the Season 2 finale feels awfully like the tip.

After all, it wanted to really feel that means. Up till this level, the present had requested extra questions than it answered, with varied monster-of-the-week breaks within the center to maintain us guessing. So, naturally, when “All Hell Breaks Unfastened” begins revealing extra about Azazel’s “battle between demons and mankind,” collection creator Eric Kripke and firm hit the fuel, arduous. In a while, when Supernatural was adapted into an anime (no, significantly), the collection ended with an adaptation of “All Hell Breaks Unfastened, Half 2,” opting to solely adapt the primary two seasons of the unique present. Little question, they felt as if Supernatural, because it as soon as was, actually ended right here, and there is some fact to that.

‘Supernatural’s Season 2 Finale Takes Dangers

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural
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“All Hell Breaks Unfastened” raises the stakes the very best they’ve ever been thus far. Beforehand, the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s plans felt unclear and private slightly than world in scale (nationwide perhaps, however not world). And definitely not world-ending. We all know that demons trigger chaos, however they by no means felt terribly organized aside from previous Yellow-Eyes himself. However right here, Azazel’s plans of unleashing a demonic military have come to go, and there is seemingly no stopping it. For the primary time on Supernatural, the world actually may go up in flames. Fortunately, the Winchesters take out the Demon, which leads to the congestion of their forces from this level ahead.

However the longer the present went on, the larger the stakes all the time acquired. By Season 5’s “Swan Tune” (arguably the perfect episode of the collection), the Satan himself has the world below his boot earlier than Sam and Dean achieve trapping him. Given this was Eric Kripke’s most well-liked ending, it is sensible that the battle acquired a bit extra biblical, however after 10 extra seasons of universe-shattering plots, nicely, it will get stale fairly rapidly. However that is not the case right here. “All Hell Breaks Unfastened” looks like an intense, apocalyptic thriller in all the perfect methods, expertly balancing each the world-ending stakes and private woes our heroes sift via. Sam is conflicted about his half on this darkish plan, whereas Dean is distraught on the considered dropping his brother.

Whereas reveals can usually make the error of placing an excessive amount of emphasis on both the plot or the character’s personal emotional arcs, Kripke and co-writer Sera Gamble (who would run the collection following Kripke’s departure) merge the strains to seamlessly assemble a story worthy of our consideration. Sam’s battle towards the literal demon on his shoulder is as a lot about his personal soul as it’s the destiny of humanity, and when he is resurrected from the grave (solely to brutally kill Jake), Dean should ask if what he introduced again was actually his brother. After all, it was, however that does not imply that Sam hasn’t been modified.

The Winchester Brothers Reverse Roles After Season 2

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural 
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After all, what makes this two-parter stream so nicely is the emphasis every hour locations on its leads. Little question, 43 minutes is not sufficient time to focus adequately on each Sam and Dean’s arcs during this time of excessive strangeness, so the writers as an alternative choose to separate their focus in two. Typically talking, “Half 1” focuses extra on Sam’s story, whereas “Half 2” higher highlights Dean’s. All through the primary hour, Sam reveals his ability set as a pacesetter. With out Dean there, he steps up and leads his merry band of survivors to security, educating them the ins and outs of searching as rapidly as he can. In some methods, Sam thrives with out Dean there to take cost, which is what attracts Azazel to him within the first place.

As Yellow-Eyes tries to seduce Sam to the Darkish Aspect, there’s part of the younger Winchester who buys his personal press. No, he by no means entertains the thought that he must be in control of a demonic horde, however he actually sees himself as a pacesetter (and would change into one by the present’s finish, although for the nice guys). Conversely, with out Sam, Dean is mainly in shambles. His total life, Dean has all the time been advised what to do by his father, and since John’s demise, Dean’s needed to take that mantle on himself. That goes for maintaining Sammy secure too, and being the one liable for placing him down the second his eyes go black. Understandably, it proves an excessive amount of.

So when Dean fails, the one factor he is aware of to do is the precise factor his father did, as a result of, in reality, Dean would not know who he’s exterior his father. All through the collection, he figures it out, however he’s by no means as assured when standing alone as he’s with Sam by his aspect; and the remainder of the collection proves it. From the tip of Season 2 onward, Supernatural places a larger emphasis on Dean than it had earlier than, drastically shifting course. When the collection began, Sam was the clear protagonist, and whereas Dean was equal in worth, the story centered on Sam’s emotional arc. From right here on out, Dean is the driving force of Supernatural, which is becoming since he is all the time within the driver’s seat anyway.

“All Hell Breaks Unfastened” Is ‘Supernatural’ at Its Finest

In some respects, the early seasons of Supernatural were the show’s best. Every episode acted as a mini-horror film, and for essentially the most half, they weren’t slowed down by the fixed apocalypses and the angel-on-demon violence that might later characterize the collection. Because the collection progressed, it bypassed its standing as a weekly horror present, detouring into a contemporary fantasy epic that pulled from each faith and mythology possible (although, usually, Judeo-Christian texts). Little question, Supernatural would not have lasted as lengthy had it not tailored to the instances, however episodes like “All Hell Breaks Unfastened” remind us how put collectively and distinct the present was firstly.


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Apart from masterfully balancing Sam and Dean with the upcoming destruction round them, this two-part finale excels at placing all of the items of the present’s intricate mythology collectively. Whether or not it is bringing Ellen again, making Bobby an everyday a part of the collection (which might stay true till the present’s finish), destroying the Roadhouse, or lastly utilizing the Colt on the creature John Winchester meant it for, the whole lot feels providential in the perfect of how. Certain, a few of the particular results are a bit dated now, however the closure you are feeling when Sam and Dean can lastly say goodbye to the ghost of their father is a kind of catharsis that the collection could not replicate for an additional 256 episodes.

It is almost unimaginable to select a favourite Supernatural episode, and even tougher to select the perfect, however there is no denying that every hour of “All Hell Breaks Unfastened” has been marked by followers as each. If IMDb rankings imply something, “Half 2” ranks inside the collection’ prime 10 episodes, with “Half 1” not far behind. That is fairly spectacular given the intensive catalog of adventures the Winchester brothers have been via. Nonetheless, when you’re searching for the collection’ most notable two hours, “All Hell Breaks Unfastened” suits the invoice properly.

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