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Marshall D. Teech vs. Trafalgar D. Water Regulation goes to be the subsequent huge occasion in Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. After the Wano arc, three of the Worst Era pirates, Eustass Kidd, Trafalgar Regulation, and Monkey D. Luffy, set out on separate paths. Trafalgar Regulation, nicknamed Surgeon of Demise, selected to go to North. On his journey, darkness surrounded him.

The Lodestar Island can be nearer to him since he was touring north. However earlier than that would occur, one of many Emperors of the Sea, Blackbeard, ambushed him. It’s nonetheless not clear why he ambushed him, however the One Piece followers predict that Regulation has one thing that may be extra valuable to Blackbeard than his Ope Ope no Mi Satan Fruit.

Blackbeard Has Joined the Race of Reaching Giggle Story

blackbeard showcasing yami yami no mi

Marshall D. Teech, popularly referred to as Blackbeard, is without doubt one of the most mysterious pirates in One Piece and has a robust pirate crew with ten sturdy commanders. He’s proven to have the distinctive skill to steal Satan Fruits. By looking down highly effective Satan Fruits, he has made his crew fairly highly effective. Followers thought his motive for ambushing Regulation may be to steal his Satan Fruit powers. However the Yami Yami no Mi person may need a larger motive for ambushing him.

Blackbeard, like his fellow Worst Era pirates, has entered the race to achieve Laughtale first and pay money for the One Piece. However to achieve Giggle Story, 4 Street Poneglyphs are required. Solely after deciphering the 4 Street Poneglyphs can an individual find Giggle Story’s location. The primary Street Poneglyph is situated on the Island of Zou, the second is at Complete Cake Island, and the third is in Wano. The fourth’s location stays unknown.

Joyboy's mention in poneglyph in one pieceJoyboy's mention in poneglyph in one piece
Street Poneglyph

Being one of many members of the Ninja Pirate Mink Samurai Alliance, Regulation has the prints of two Street Poneglyphs, the Island of Zou and the Land of Wano. Blackbeard may look to steal them after ambushing the Surgeon of Demise. Each the captains have greater than 3 Billion berries bounty, so there may be certain to be destruction.

Blackbeard’s Journey In the direction of the One Piece

Beforehand, Blackbeard had gone to the Complete Cake Island, and there’s a chance that he may be the one who kidnapped Pudding whereas raiding Huge Mother’s territory. Blackbeard could have gotten Huge Mon’s Street Poneglyph and took Pudding since she belongs to the Three-eyed tribe. The Three-eyed tribe members are identified to have the flexibility to learn poneglyphs.

Trafalgar Law in One PieceTrafalgar Law in One Piece
Trafalgar D. Water Regulation

So, ambushing Trafalgar Regulation will get him nearer to the One Piece with three of the Street Poneglyphs. On high of that, he may additionally steal Regulation’s Satan Fruit powers. His Ope Ope no Mi is without doubt one of the finest powers in One Piece, however to make use of it to its fullest extent, medical information is required. Blackbeard could also be a mysterious character, however his intentions are fairly clear.

Like each different pirate, he needs to get the One Piece. He has a number of persistence and thoroughly plans his subsequent film. Regulation vs. Blackbeard might probably be a change in the midst of Eiichiro Oda’s magnum opus. It would so occur that Blackbeard vs. Monkey D. Luffy will happen on Laughtale, and the winner may take all of it.

For the second, followers are excited to see the latest combat. However till any form of official affirmation, every part stays a fan idea. It will likely be fascinating to see how the Ultimate Saga of One Piece traces up with all these fights.

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