Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit Theory Suggests The Gorosei’s Real Powers Are Even More Terrifying Than Mythical Zoan Fruits

The 5 Elders or as they’re correctly recognized within the One Piece world, The Gorosei have lastly entered the battle on Egghead Island. They’re making an attempt to cease the commotion on the island defeating Luffy and finally destroying the island. As they landed in Egghead, their Satan Fruit powers had been revealed and it was really terrifying.

One Piece Gorosei
One Piece Gorosei

Though their types have been proven earlier than within the sequence, it solely concerned their silhouettes however now, their actual appearances have been revealed to the One Piece followers. They possess powers which have by no means been seen earlier than and many individuals consider that they’ve probably the most terrifying Legendary Zoan Satan Fruits.

There’s a concept that means that The 5 Elders’ actual powers are much more terrifying than Legendary Zoan Fruits and the Satan Fruits that they and Imu have consumed are corrupted, which supplies them devilish powers which is a giant drawback for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. The theories revolve round the primary theme of One Piece: dream.

One Piece Concept Suggests Imu and The Gorosei Are Utilizing Corrupted Satan Fruits

The speculation posted by @3SkullJoe states that the Satan Fruits that Gorosei and Imu are utilizing are naturally corrupted. In the course of the Egghead arc, Dr. Vegapunk stated that Satan Fruits are embodiments of individuals’s needs and fantasies, with every symbolizing a definite path of evolution for no matter consumes it. 

The premise is that if great goals could come true, then nightmares can too. In accordance with the speculation, this may be the explanation for his or her nickname, Satan Fruits. As Luffy is the illustration of freedom, liberation, and good power, his counterparts Imu and The Gorosei’s Satan Fruits are the illustration of nightmares, unhappiness, and worry, thus giving them a devilish nature. 

Gorosei bowing down to Imu SamaGorosei bowing down to Imu Sama
Gorosei bowing all the way down to Imu Sama

If the speculation is right and the 5 Elders and Imu really possess such Satan Fruits, it’s going to affirm the side that their Satan Fruits are corrupted. One other instance of a corrupted Satan Fruit is Blackbeard’s Yami Yami No Mi which additionally will get energized from the darkness.

The Significance of Desires For The Manifestation of Satan Fruits

In One Piece, goals are a distinguished subject. Nearly each character within the sequence has a dream or want that they wish to fulfill and make one thing out of it. The significance of goals is a lot in One Piece that even the Satan Fruits are manifested in accordance with the goals and needs of the characters.

Luffy in Gear 5 from One PieceLuffy in Gear 5 from One Piece
Luffy in Gear 5 from One Piece

Because the sequence strikes ahead, the significance of the person goals of the Straw Hat Pirates, particularly Luffy is rising an increasing number of, and it may not take him a lot time to attain his dream which continues to be a giant thriller for the One Piece followers. Thus, Luffy’s goals of freedom and liberation would possibly want an reverse power to cease him.

It will make good sense for the ultimate foe Luffy faces within the World Authorities to be the exact opposite, provided that Devil Fruit is all about creativeness, independence, and making goals come true. Thus, Imu and Gorosei’s corrupted Satan Fruits are the very best rivals for Luffy’s Nika fruit.

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