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One Piece is an enormous anime, and maintaining with the great storyline is commonly a trouble. There are lots of gaps in addition to questions concerning the timeline that the viewers of the franchise comes up with, together with related theories.

One such fan idea exposes why Whitebeard didn’t select to combat Gol D. Roger on the God Valley Incident. It will have been insanely exhausting for Roger and Garp to alone combat the entire crew of Rock Pirates, which consisted of future Yonkos corresponding to Whitebeard himself, Large Mother, and Kaido.

Gol D Roger
Gol D Roger

It was the God Valley Incident the place the phobia of The Rocks Pirates captain, Rocks. D Xebec was lastly put to an finish. The idea reveals how Whitebeard may need had a hand on this.

Did Whitebeard Betray Rocks. D Xebec At The God Valley Incident Of One Piece?

As talked about earlier than, whereas Gol D. Roger and Garp had been one of many strongest forces on the planet on the time, they nonetheless had been no match for the Rocks Pirate crew. Whitebeard alone was as highly effective as Roger, holding him busy whereas Garp can be left to cope with everyone else.

The idea means that Whitebeard, in addition to the opposite future Yonkos, betrayed Rocks D. Xebec by siding with Roger or by refusing to take part in any respect. Additionally it is believed that they had been incentivized by the World Authorities, as they confronted a risk from Rocks D. Xebec and needed an finish to his reign.

Whitebeard – One Piece

The incidents of God Valley had been lined up tremendously by the World Authorities, and Whitebeard went on to create his pirate crew and was shortly after declared as one of many 4 emperors of the ocean. The involvement of Gol D. Roger was hidden, and Garp was given the title of “Hero of The Marines“.

Whitebeard’s biggest need has at all times been for a household, and at all times thought-about it to be his biggest treasure. That is proved by his act of forgiving Squad through the Marineford Arc, regardless of being stabbed within the again by him.

What Led Up To The God Valley Incident In One Piece?

God Valley is an island that’s discovered within the West Blue of One Piece. The incident refers back to the conflict of the Roger pirates and the Marines towards the Rocks Pirates. The captain of the Rocks Pirates, Rocks. D Xebec was known as to be essentially the most harmful pirate of all time and posed to overthrow the World Authorities.

The incident happened 38 years in the past and began with what was a searching competitors occurring on the island, it was attended by World Nobles and their slaves. The Rocks Pirate received maintain of this data and headed in the direction of the island in hopes of retrieving a treasure that the World Nobles stole from the island of Hachinosu beforehand.

Rocks D. XebecRocks D. Xebec
Rocks D. Xebec in One Piece

The God Valley incident performed a big position in shaping the pirate world we see as we speak. It was after just a few years of the incident that the 4 emperors of the ocean had been declared, with Kaido consuming the Legendary Zoan-type satan fruit and turning into the “Strongest Creature” on the planet.

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