Why Luffy’s Battle IQ is Actually Higher Than Naruto Despite Being the Dumbest Between the Two

Comparisons between Naruto and Luffy have been happening since each characters entered the anime and manga worlds. Each of them have uncanny similarities as the primary characters of Naruto and One Piece, however additionally they differ by way of ambitions, mindsets, and the best way they take care of their issues.

Naruto in Naruto Shippuden

Nevertheless, the most important comparability that followers have made between the 2 characters is relating to their method of coping with their enemies throughout fights and battles. Each of them comply with a unique method whereas combating villains. Whereas Luffy adapts in the midst of the battle, Naruto is understood to make use of distinctive tips with the assistance of his jutsus.

Though utilizing new tips in coping with the enemies does make the battle intriguing, Luffy’s skill to study in the midst of the battle proves that he has a greater battle IQ than Naruto, regardless of being the dumber character of the 2. And he has proven this a number of occasions throughout his battles in opposition to villains in One Piece.

Luffy’s Extraordinary Skill to Adapt Throughout Battles in One Piece

Though Luffy may appear dumb and careless in some ways, the one side the place he has confirmed his intelligence a number of occasions is throughout his battles. The One Piece protagonist has fought numerous totally different villains who get stronger with each arc, however Luffy nonetheless manages to defeat them, irrespective of what number of occasions he loses the combat.

Throughout his battles, he possesses the rare capability to adjust and study from his errors, which permits him to plot a technique that ultimately defeats the enemy. The primary time followers noticed him adapting via the battle was when he was combating Crocodile in Alabasta. It was the primary time Luffy was combating a Logia consumer, and he immediately got here up with the plan of soaking his physique in water in order that he may hit Crocodile and deal with his sand talents.

sir crocodile vs. monkey d luffy in One Piece
Sir Crocodile vs. Monkey D. Luffy (Credit score: Crunchyroll)

The second most talked-about battle of Luffy is when he was combating Katakuri. Katakuri had the benefit of future sight, which made it unimaginable for Luffy to hit him. Nevertheless, Luffy used the erratic punches of Gear 4 Snakeman and his endurance to counter Katakuri’s Future Sight and defeated him in simply 14 punches.

Luffy’s Battle IQ is Greater Than Naruto’s

If the general traits of each Luffy and Naruto are considered, Luffy may appear dumber than Naruto. Naruto would possibly lack by way of lecturers or fundamental sense, however Luffy deliberately chooses to disregard this stuff and do what he looks like, it doesn’t matter what the implications could also be sooner or later.

Naruto vs Luffy
Naruto and Luffy

By way of battles, Naruto’s array of jutsus like Shadow Clone, Rasengan, and so on. offers them a chance to incorporate selection in his fights and use a novel method each time he fights a brand new enemy. His combat with Kaguya Otsutsuki is the most important instance of his creativity when he shocked the antagonist utilizing his s*xy jutsu.

Whereas these strategies spotlight the creativity of the character, they don’t show that he can adapt throughout such fights. He principally simply will increase the variety of shadow clones which supplies him a bonus or adjustments the properties of his Rasengan to make them more practical.

Luffy, although, learns new methods and strategies in the course of the ongoing battle, which not solely shocks the enemies but in addition Luffy’s allies. He can adapt his methods in keeping with the villain’s energy and skills, making it troublesome for them to defeat him.

You possibly can watch One Piece and Naruto on Crunchyroll.

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