‘X-Men ’97’s Asteroid M Explained — Where Is Magneto Hiding Out?

Editor’s word: The under comprises spoilers for X-Males ’97 Episode 9.

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  • X-Males ’97
    Episode 9 re-introduces Asteroid M, Magneto’s base of operations and an emblem of the continuing battle between Magneto and Charles Xavier’s philosophies.
  • X-Males: The Animated Sequence
    options Asteroid M in a two-part episode that foreshadows
    X-Males ’97
    ‘s themes.
  • Asteroid M has a protracted and sophisticated historical past within the
    comics, with Magneto repeatedly reworking his orbiting area station right into a mutant refuge.

As of X-Men ’97 Episode 9, Magneto (Matthew Waterson) has actually had “enough.” The Grasp of Magnetism is re-embracing his former methods, even turning his rage upon his personal variety by brutally sundering Wolverine’s (Cal Dodd) Adamantium-infused skeleton from his flesh. Most of Magneto’s scenes on this penultimate episode, together with that harrowing Wolverine incident, happen on an enormous floating asteroid furnished with liveable rooms. That is Asteroid M, Magneto’s “supervillain” lair and the bodily embodiment of his need for mutant security. The placement first appeared in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby‘s inaugural X-Males comics run and developed throughout the a long time. Though Asteroid M makes its X-Males ’97 debut in Episode 9, X-Men: The Animated Series Season 4 introduces Asteroid M and its thematic connotations.

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What Is Asteroid M in Marvel Comics?

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Asteroid M as a headquarters for Magneto that is separate from Earth-bound threats, be they people or X-Males. (Who can blame him?) The orbiting area station fuses asteroid rock with cutting-edge expertise, together with a weapons arsenal and a cloaking gadget that hides the bottom from human radar. Asteroid M’s ranges are divided into non-public rooms, a hangar bay, a library, and an remark space overlooking the planet (which is sort of the metaphor). Its title, though according to Magneto’s alliterative naming conventions, references astrophysics. Based on the Oxford University Press’s Reference website, M-class asteroids “are believed to have metallic (nickel–iron) compositions” greater than different asteroids.

Asteroid M has taken a number of kinds all through the years. In 1964’s X-Males #5, Magneto creates the bottom to deal with his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The group’s latest recruits, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, do not consider of their father’s agenda and serve Magneto out of obligation. Wanda solves the twins’ ethical dilemma by serving to the X-Males destroy Asteroid M. Magneto repairs what stays just for Warlock, an alien being, to decimate it throughout a separate encounter.

What Occurs to Asteroid M within the ‘X-Males’ Comics?

Magneto’s “third time’s the appeal” try could be a contingency plan in case his alliance with the Hellfire Membership fails, but it surely boasts lavish resort facilities like a swimming pool. These design decisions might be barely indulgent since Magneto self-isolates on Asteroid M after he breaks up with Rogue in the Savage Land and his twins as soon as once more abandon him for the X-Males. A mutant group named the Acolytes interrupts his solitude. The Acolytes, led by Fabian Cortez, worship Magneto as their lord and savior. Cortez, nonetheless, is an secret agent for the Upstarts, a aggressive group the place mutants kill different mutants.

The Acolytes encourage Magneto to reform Asteroid M right into a mutant refuge. Cortez then destroys Asteroid M, murdering the Acolytes and spreading rumors of Magneto’s martyr-like loss of life. Asteroid M’s shattered items fall into the ocean. The X-Males flip the remnants into Utopia, their new base and certainly one of several failed mutant nation-states like Genosha. Describing Utopia as a failure spoils its destiny: After enduring several incursions, the occasions of the Avengers vs. X-Males comedian demolish Utopia.

Naturally, Magneto survived Cortez’s assassination try. As a result of he is not one to be deterred, he co-opts Cable’s personal orbiting area station and enhances it with Shi’ar Imperium technology. The result’s Avalon, a brand new Asteroid M in all however identify. The mutant stronghold falls in battle, however not earlier than an infuriated Magneto tears Wolverine’s skeleton out. Since then, Asteroid M was final seen in 2018’s X-Males: Blue. Equally to X-Males ’97, humanity’s evil drives Magneto to his breaking level. He surrenders management of the X-Males and reforms the Brotherhood of Mutants, utilizing Asteroid M as his base.

How Does ‘X-Males: The Animated Sequence’ Use Asteroid M?

X-Men: The Animated Series incorporates Asteroid M through Season 4’s two-part episode, “Sanctuary.” Magneto (David Hemblen) sends the United Nations right into a tizzy by saying his plan to determine Asteroid M as an impartial mutant haven. He additionally intends to liberate the enslaved mutants on Genosha. For all his theatrics, Magneto solely guarantees violence if humanity interferes. Asteroid M — constructed by scientists utilizing Savage Land expertise — symbolizes mutant independence and peace. If Magneto makes use of stolen missiles as nuclear deterrents, that is as a result of he knows how humans work.


‘X-Men ‘97’ Goes Back to Its Roots With the New (Old) Suits

“What did you count on? Black leather-based?”

X-Males: The Animated Sequence reinterprets Fabian Cortez (Jeffrey Max Nicholls) and the Acolytes as Genosha-based resistance fighters. Cortez does not have ulterior motives, and his loyalty evaporates as soon as he realizes that Magneto will not make the primary transfer in opposition to humanity. “I got here right here to rescue my folks,” Magneto declares, “to not avenge them.” Cortez, who can improve or lower one other mutant’s capability, drains Magneto of his powers, usurps Asteroid M, and frames the X-Males for Magneto’s “homicide.” The X-Males cease Cortez by infiltrating the station. Healed by Earth’s digital fields, Magneto delivers the ultimate blow in opposition to the bottom he created.

Earlier than X-Males ’97 kicked off its three-part finale, former showrunner Beau DeMayo listed the “Sanctuary” two-parter as certainly one of six original episodes with ties to the finale. Certainly, Magneto brings a rebuilt Asteroid M to the X-Males’s doorstep in Episode 9, “Tolerance Is Extinction — Half 2.” It is a literal providing: Magneto guarantees mutantkind a brand new dream to exchange Charles Xavier’s (Ross Marquand) damaged one. Roberto Da Costa (Gui Agustini) and a demoralized Rogue (Lenore Zann) settle for, becoming a member of Magneto on Asteroid M.

Asteroid M Symbolizes ‘X-Males ‘97’s Themes

Magneto screaming from a mental attack in X-Men '97
Picture through Disney+

The symbolism goes even additional as soon as the X-Males breach Asteroid M’s defenses. Magneto has constructed a throne from the top and hand of the Sentinel chargeable for demolishing Genosha, the identical one Gambit (A.J. LoCascio) destroyed along with his dying breath. Not solely is it a justifiably vindictive transfer on Magneto’s half, Gambit’s sacrifice saved numerous mutant lives. His closing actions embody Magneto’s lifelong struggle.

X-Males: The Animated Sequence‘ “Sanctuary” episodes do greater than set up Asteroid M for X-Males ’97. They seem to be a narrative precursor poking basic holes in Charles Xavier’s philosophy and the devastating consequences his stance has wrought. A mutant from Charles’s previous declares that he “made [Asteroid M] vital,” a notion the emotionally eviscerated Xavier can’t bear. Very like X-Males ’97 acknowledges that Magneto has always been right with out sanitizing his flawed decisions, “Sanctuary” sympathetically explores Charles’ psychology however does not excuse his culpability. And when Charles believes Magneto died on Asteroid M, he leads his expensive pal’s funeral by revealing his backstory as a Holocaust survivor. “Although I abhorred his strategies,” Charles muses, “I can’t fault his energy of character.”

Undoubtedly, Magneto’s strike in opposition to Wolverine questions that energy of character. Hate has lengthy poisoned Magneto’s veins, and after Genosha, it is rotting them. But as disheartening as it’s to see Charles and Magneto on opposing sides once more, what else can Magneto do? The primary Asteroid M failed. Genosha failed. He will not allow one other tragedy. And if the comedian guide arcs X-Males ’97 has tailored are any indication, then Season 2 holds a far worse future for both men.

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