Zoro’s Fight With Rob Lucci Reveals The King of Hell Couldn’t Have Taken Down Kaido in a Real Fight

With each new chapter, One Piece’s Egghead Island will get extra intense, and superb battles are being constructed up for the arc’s conclusion already. The Ultimate Saga has been an enormous hit for followers to date, and every new chapter solely makes it higher. The arc is filled with attention-grabbing battles that deliver with them an enormous wave of anticipation.

Egghead Arc
One Piece – Egghead Arc

Whereas Luffy is at the moment occupied with Kizaru and Saturn, some of the intriguing battles in One Piece is going down elsewhere between Rob Lucci and his swordsman first mate, the second-strongest member of his crew. Followers are properly conscious that these two are amongst Egghead’s strongest warriors, and their battle will undoubtedly gentle up this arc’s conclusion. 

Zoro and Lucci will possible proceed to spar all through the upcoming chapters, and the strain will solely construct. Followers of Zoro, in the meantime, won’t be happy with how the combat turned out as a result of, though it isn’t proven clearly, Zoro seems to be having bother with the CPO agent. Because of this, persons are not sure if Zoro may have defeated Kaido in a real combat.

Zoro Engages in Battle Towards Lucci in Egghead Arc

From the second Kizaru reached the Labophase, Lucci realized it was the proper second for him to make a transfer as properly. Utilizing a potent Finger Pistol, he tried to kill Dr. Vegapunk, who was his goal. Fortunately, Stussy intervened and stopped this try on his life. Zoro then determined to have interaction him in fight. 

Earlier than lengthy, the 2 had been preventing outdoors the lab within the Labophase. They’ve been preventing ever since, and followers can’t look ahead to the combat to go on. Zoro was the strongest character current in the meanwhile, so it made sense for him to imagine a lot of the burden since Luffy wasn’t round.

Roronoa Zoro vs Rob LucciRoronoa Zoro vs Rob Lucci
Roronoa Zoro vs Rob Lucci in One Piece

Zoro appears to have a substantial offensive output benefit over the opposite when evaluating the 2. However as a result of his endurance shouldn’t be as nice as Lucci’s, it appears to be like like he’s struggling towards the CPO agent. Whereas many followers might haven’t observed it, Zoro lovers know that if Zoro had been stronger than Lucci, he wouldn’t have taken a lot time in defeating his opponent, as he doesn’t wish to waste time throughout his battles.

Zoro Struggles Towards Rob Lucci

The truth that Luffy annihilated Lucci firstly of the Egghead arc demonstrated that Lucci was far weaker than Luffy and that Zoro was a greater opponent for him. However, individuals thought Zoro can be stronger than Rob Lucci based mostly on his success in Wano and his power. 

roronoa zoro king of hellroronoa zoro king of hell
Roronoa Zoro

This was as a result of he not solely vanquished the second accountable for the beast pirates but additionally engaged in fight with the strongest creature within the One Piece universe. Consequently, Lucci and Zoro are more likely to be evenly matched in fight, and whereas Lucci lacks Conqueror’s Haki, he has different powers that may compensate for it. 

Zoro will in all probability prevail towards Lucci in the long run, but it surely gained’t be in any respect easy for him to win this combat. He may battle rather a lot, however it will finally show his power and the way a lot he has grown since Wano.

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